My Book is About to be Born

Chubbs: A Blind Cat learns to Trust is a faith-based, inspirational story about a cat who learns to trust her rescuer. The relationship between Chubbs and Grandma Sandy is a comparison to the relationship we have with God. Literally blind, Chubbs must learn how to navigate her world just like figuratively blind we must learn to depend on God’s Spirit to help us navigate our lives.

I’ve been “pregnant” with the idea for Chubbs’s book for over four years—longer than an elephant’s gestation period. I can’t imagine any woman wanting to endure a single day past the nine-month mark. And kudos to all those elephant moms out there hanging on for two entire years. 

I wouldn’t consider any of my actual pregnancies magical—especially the one where I produced two strapping boys, a month early, weighing in at eight pounds each. I’ll take that merit badge now, thank you. Though each of my pregnancies was different, all required daily dedication, infinite patience, and endless endurance. 

The writing process for Chubbs has been much the same. Again, not magical, but the result of daily dedication, infinite patience, and endless endurance. The learning curve for publishing this book has felt, on more than one occasion, like birthing those twins—painful but also hugely rewarding.

The “labor” has intensified as the “due date” nears. Much like the anticipation of a child makes pregnancy and labor worth it, the anticipation of producing something useful in written form makes its creation and production worth it. 

Because this story started as a personal message for my grandchildren, the labor felt manageable. Publishing the story instead of copying it at Kinko’s makes it important on another level. And you know what? Having the book available for anyone to read actually does feel a little magical. 

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